If you’re looking for a new name for your blue kayak, we’ve got the best names for blue kayaks that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Blue is a great color, and it’s also the color of water—which means that when you’re out on the water in your new kayak, it will look like every other boat out there. But if you give your boat a name, it’ll stand out as much as possible!

We’ve compiled a list of 100+ names to ensure people know what they’re looking at when they see you gliding across the sea easily. These names are all original and unique!

Ocean Explorer

Blue Horizon

Ocean’s Dream

Blue Voyage

Sea Whisper

Aqua Voyager

Blue Lagoon

Ocean Blue

Blue Oceanic

Blue Mariner

Best Blue Kayak Names 


These kayak names will help you stand out from all the other boats and will be much more memorable for those cruising by you!

  • Blue Moon: This is a name for the blue moon, a rare occurrence.
  • Blue Marlin: A name for the most powerful fish in the world.
  • Blue Crush: A name for something difficult to overcome or that takes time and effort to accomplish.
  • Astro Blue: A name for something that has a similar color to space, such as a planet or star.
  • Deep Sea Divers: A name for people who dive into deep waters to explore them.
  • Midnight Swimmers: A name that suits the kayak well, as it is a dark blue color.
  • The Blue Clipper: This name refers to how the kayak is built, with a clipper bow shape.
  • The Blue Whale: This name refers to the size of the boat and its weight.
  • The Sandy Sailor: This name refers to how easily the boat can be maneuvered through sandbars and shallow waters.
  • The Sea Urchin: This name refers to how sharp and spiky the kayak hull is when moving through waves or rough waters.
  • The Sun Seeker: This name refers to how easy it is for people new at kayaking to use this type of boat because it’s so stable and easy to maneuver around!
  • Serene Kayak: The perfect name for a kayak that helps you relax and enjoy the view
  • Steady Lover: A kayak that will be there for you no matter what
  • Calm Waters: The perfect name for a kayak that helps you relax and enjoy the view
  • Wind in the Sails: A kayak that will get you where you’re going as fast as possible
  • Smooth Sailing: The perfect name for a kayak that keeps things on an even keel
  • Morning Dew: A kayak that will help you start your day off right
  • Blue Tang: A name for a kayak that is a little more adventurous and ready to explore the sea depths.
  • Wave Chaser: The perfect name for a kayak best suited for playing in waves.
  • Overboard: The perfect name for a kayak that will take you over the edge of your comfort zone.
  • Tidepool Relaxation: The perfect name for a kayak that will let you relax and enjoy life’s small pleasures.
  • Sea of Tranquility: The perfect name for a kayak that will take you to your happy place, where all is calm and peaceful around you.
  • The Sea Explorer: A kayak ready to explore the sea.
  • Tide’s Up!: This kayak can make waves anywhere, even when the tide is low!
  • Royal Wave: This kayak is fit for royalty!
  • Tidal Wave: This kayak will make you feel like a part of nature.
  • Aqua Man: This kayak is perfect for the man who loves water sports and nature.
  • Water Babe: Perfect for those who love water sports and looking good while doing it!
  • Blue Lake: Perfect for a kayak that is meant to be fun, whether you’re going out on the lake with friends or just exploring.
  • Blueberry: A sweet name for a kayak that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.
  • Bluenose: A little bit of nautical history. This name reminds us that we’ve all opinions about things.
  • Azure: This one brings back memories of the sky on a clear day, and it’s a great name if you love being outdoors.
  • Cerulean: This color reminds us of calm lakes at sunrise and sunset—perfect for a relaxing day on the water.
  • Crystaline: is a name associated with the shimmering, light blue color.
  • Indigo: is a name that can be used as an alternative to the color blue.
  • Cornflower: This beautiful name reminds us of flowers and nature. This makes it one of our favorite names for girls.
  • Sapphire: is a name that reminds us of water and sky, two things associated with blue colors.
  • Lapis Lazuli: reminds us of deep colors such as reds and purples, which makes it one of our favorite names for boys.
  • Northern Lights: A great kayak name for a boat on the move.
  • Midnight Blue: This is a very deep and mysterious color, so it’s perfect for a rough kayak and ready to take you anywhere you want to go!
  • Dark Water: If your boat is elegant or poised, this name will give it a little edge.
  • Blue Voyage: This name may remind you of sailing ships, so it’s perfect if you like to explore or just want to get away from everything else.
  • Liquid Lies: This name is perfect if you have an adventurous spirit and love taking risks with your kayak!
  • Deep Sea: This name is perfect for a quiet, introspective person.
  • Depth Charge: This name is perfect for someone always ready to go with the flow and have fun!
  • Blue Angel: If you want to give your child a name that stands out from the crowd, this one is perfect for them!
  • Resolute: This name is perfect for anyone who loves adventure and long journeys. It also makes them seem strong and powerful.
  • Admirable: If you’re looking for a beautiful name that’ll stand out from the crowd, this one is perfect for your child!
  • Magnificent: name is perfect for someone big on the inside and out.
  • Robust: This name has a lot of energy and strength behind it.
  • Effusive: names are perfect if you want your child to be happy and outgoing.
  • Grandiose: names are perfect for someone who wants to be noticed by everyone.
  • Virtuoso: A virtuoso can do anything they set their mind to—and so can your child! Virtuoso names are perfect for someone who wants to live life to the fullest!

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More Blue kayak Name Ideas

  • Sea Spirit
  • Ocean’s Fury
  • Blue Wave
  • Sea Breeze
  • Aqua Adventurer
  • Ocean Blue Horizon
  • Blue Sea Explorer
  • Ocean Escape
  • Blue Sky Oasis
  • Ocean’s Mist
  • Blue Sea Dream
  • Ocean’s Promise
  • Blue Ocean Quest
  • Sea Explorer
  • Ocean’s Mystery
  • Blue Ocean Voyage
  • Sea Explorer II
  • Ocean Blue Magic
  • Blue Sea Odyssey
  • Ocean’s Fury II
  • Blue Ocean Explorer
  • Sea Voyage
  • Ocean Blue Escape
  • Blue Ocean Adventure
  • Sea Dreamer
  • Ocean Blue Explorer II
  • Blue Ocean Quest II
  • Sea Explorer III
  • Ocean Blue Magic II
  • Blue Ocean Odyssey II
  • Sea Dreamer II
  • Ocean Blue Escape II
  • Blue Ocean Adventure II
  • Sea Explorer IV
  • Ocean Blue Magic III
  • Blue Ocean Odyssey III
  • Sea Dreamer III
  • Ocean Blue Escape III
  • Blue Ocean Adventure III
  • Sea Explorer V
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In conclusion, finding the perfect name for your blue kayak can be fun and enjoyable. Whether you choose a playful and whimsical name or a more serious and refined one, the important thing is that the name resonates with you and reflects your style and preferences. Some of the best blue kayak name ideas include “Sapphire Surf,” “Azure Explorer,” “Cerulean Adventure,” and “Deep Blue Voyage.” Ultimately, the name you choose should be unique and meaningful to you and inspire you to hit the water and explore the ocean’s wonders.


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