Viking Ship Names

Viking ship names carry profound significance, reflecting the vast tapestry of Viking history, culture, and mythology.

This post explores 120 diverse Viking ship names, categorized within different themes, aiming to guide your venture into the mysterious Viking waters.

Why Vikings Named Their Ships

For the Vikings, the sea was a way of life; it defined their culture and means of survival. Consequently, their ships were an essential asset, deserving a name that encapsulated their purpose and spirit.

Ship names were infused with power, protection, and an invoked feeling of chaos or balance. They reflected the beliefs and values of their owners, often symbolizing their ambitions, desires, or sources of inspiration.

Viking Ship Names

Top 20 Viking Ship Names

Now that we’ve unleashed the magic behind their creation let’s set sail and explore 20 of the best Viking ship names:

  • Sif’s Gold: A tribute to Sif’s enchanting golden hair.
  • Skidbladnir’s Charm: Honoring Freyr’s legendary ship, Skidbladnir.
  • Gjallarhorn’s Call: Resonates Heimdallr’s mythical horn’s sound.
  • Ullr’s Glory: Celebrating Ullr, god of snow, bow, and shield.
  • Mimir’s Wisdom: Acknowledging Mimir, the revered deity of wisdom.
  • Huginn’s Voyage: Named after Odin’s raven that symbolizes thought.
  • Muninn’s Journey: Stands for Odin’s other raven signifying memory.
  • Fenrir’s Might: Imploring Fenrir, the fearsome monstrous wolf.
  • Loki’s Deceit: Reflecting trickster god Loki’s cunning nature.
  • Ragnarok’s Fury: Embodying the destructive force of legendary Ragnarok.
  • Freya’s Radiance: Celebrating Freya, goddess of love and beauty.
  • Thor’s Hammer: Named after Thor’s invincible weapon, Mjolnir.
  • Odin’s Spear: Recognizing Odin’s mighty spear, Gungnir.
  • Valkyrie’s Grace: Signifying the elegance of chooser of the slain.
  • Yggdrasil’s Root: Representing the world tree Yggdrasil’s resilience.
  • Bifrost’s Path: Marking Bifrost, the celestial bridge among realms.
  • Frigg’s Devotion: Acknowledging Frigg, Odin’s devoted spouse.
  • Midgard’s Defender: Embodying protection against threats occurring on earth.
  • Heimdallr’s Vigilance: Evokes Heimdallr, the watchful guardian of Bifrost.
  • Nidhogg’s Dread: Reflecting the terror induced by dragon Nidhogg.

Famous Viking Ship Names

Let’s set sail on a historical journey to discover the captivating narratives behind these iconic Viking ship names:

  • Drakkars: Fearsome warships displaying grand dragon figureheads.
  • Naglfar: Mythical ship, eerily framed from dead’s nails.
  • Ormen Lange: Olav Tryggvason’s majestic ship, “The Long Serpent”.
  • Ormen Korte: Named “The Short Serpent,” commanded by Olaf.
  • Mjolnir: Reflects Thor’s unyielding hammer, denoting invincibility.
  • Hrafn: Named after Odin’s symbol, the mysterious crow.
  • Sif’s Braid: Named after the enchanting golden hair of Sif.
  • Skadi’s Fury: Celebrating Skadi, the relentless goddess of winter.
  • Wave-Tamer: A ship, hailed for its ability to outperform waves.
  • Ice-Dancer: Lauded for its capability to navigate Arctic ices.
  • Yggdrasil’s Pride: Encompasses the grandeur of the world tree, Yggdrasil.
  • Odin’s Wrath: Imbued with the might and rage of Odin.
  • Sun Chaser: A vessel engrossed in the constant chase of horizons.
  • Raven’s Whisper: A silent yet formidable representation of Odin’s raven.
  • Fenrir’s Fang: Bearing the name of Loki’s monstrous wolf-child.
  • Mimir’s Wisdom: A nod to Mimir, the god of wisdom.
  • Bifrost Journeyer: A tribute to Bifrost, the heavenly rainbow bridge.
  • Sea Stallion: Denoting a powerful and swift seafaring vessel.
  • Gungnir’s Might: Named after Odin’s unyielding spear, Gungnir.
  • Valkyrie’s Blessing: Believed to summon the favor of divine Valkyries.

Badass Viking Ship Names

  • Odin’s Wrath: A vessel radiating the fury of Odin.
  • Thor’s Hammer: A ship resembling Mjolnir’s invincible might.
  • Raven’s Fury: A fierce symbol of Odin’s ominous raven.
  • Freki’s Hunger: Embodying the insatiable appetite of Odin’s wolf.
  • Sleipnir’s Pace: Paying homage to Odin’s fast and agile horse.
  • Hel’s Chariot: Reflecting the petrifying might of Hel’s realm.
  • Nidhogg’s Nightmare: Denoting the terror inspired by the dragon Nidhogg.
  • Fenrir’s Fangs: Evoking the ferocity of Loki’s monstrous son.
  • Sea Serpent’s Strike: A tribute to the deadly sea-dwelling beasts.
  • Loki’s Trickster: Signifying the cunning and deceit associated with Loki.
  • Storm-Bringer: A badass ship commanding storms as its weapon.
  • Valkyrie’s Verdict: Named after the omniscient choosers of the slain.
  • World Ender: A name that echoes the cataclysmic Ragnarok.
  • Odin’s Eye: Commemorating Odin’s sacrificed eye for wisdom.
  • Gungnir’s Speed: Symbolizing Odin’s spear’s swift and decisive momentum.
  • Jormungandr’s Coil: A tribute to the world-encircling sea serpent.
  • Skoll’s Chase: Marking Skoll, the wolf that chases the sun.
  • Hati’s Hunt: Named after Hati, the wolf that hunts the moon.
  • Heimdall’s Horn: Recognizing the galaxy-shaking call of Gjallarhorn.
  • Blood-Wake: A horrifying image of a merciless Viking onslaught.

Cool Viking Ship Names

  • Sky-Farer: A vessel presumably as swift as the wind.
  • Shadow-Walker: A metaphor for the ship’s stealthy, mysterious ways.
  • Saga-Bearer: Recording epic tales from a thousand shores.
  • Whispering Wind: Named for its silent seafaring prowess.
  • Ice-Dancer: Gliding smoothly through icy Nordic waters.
  • Storm-Wielder: A vessel subduing storms at its will.
  • Sun-Breaker: Always sailing towards the dawn of new lands.
  • Mystic Wave: Named for its enchanting journey through the seas.
  • Odin’s Whisper: A ship silently navigating through tumultuous waters.
  • Dragon’s Breath: A tribute to the Viking’s legendary drakkars.
  • Ghost Rider: Evoking images of a vessel stealthily maneuvering seas.
  • Sea Phantom: Implies a mystical capability to vanish into waters.
  • Aurora’s Gleam: Homage to the ethereal Northern Lights.
  • Void Sailer: An intriguing name hinting at vast cosmic journeys.
  • Rune Keeper: A ship safeguarding the ancient Norse alphabets.
  • Loki’s Laughter: Symbolic of the trickery and chaos of Loki.
  • Eagle’s Scream: Imbued with the might and fierceness of eagles.
  • Wolf’s Prowl: Reflecting the cunning hunting approach of a wolf.
  • Viking’s Veil: Honoring the stealth and secrecy maintained by Vikings.
  • Frost Weaver: A reference to the ship’s icy seafaring capabilities.

Most Common Viking Ship and Its Name

  • Drake’s Wind: Implying the force of a dragon’s breath.
  • Serpent’s Wake: Commemorating the shaping of Longships like sea serpents.
  • Dragon’s Roar: Denoting the robust strength of Viking Longships.
  • Wyrm’s Fast: Reflecting speed, ‘Wyrm’ being an old term for dragon.
  • Fire Serpent: Emphasizing fierce engagements akin to dragon’s fire.
  • Venom Drakkar: Tribute to the poisonous might of mythical serpents.
  • Fury’s Drake: Portraying the overwhelming wrath of dragon-headed Longships.
  • Sea Wyvern: ‘Wyvern’ symbolizes a dragon-like creature, ruler of seas.
  • Drake’s Wing: Mirroring the expansive sails like dragon’s wings.
  • Dragon’s Heart: Suggesting the relentless spirit of Viking Longships.
  • Wyrm’s Wave: An allusion to the ship’s elegant undulating movement.
  • Drakkar’s Pulse: Denoting the rhythmic rowing heartbeat of Longships.
  • Wyvern’s Will: A ship stubborn in its determination as dragons.
  • Dragon Shadow: A vehicle as stealthy as a dragon’s shadow.
  • Wyrm’s Glide: Commemorating the smooth sailing of Viking Longships.
  • Drake’s Pride: A ship representing the pride of Viking accomplishments.
  • Dragon’s Echo: Signifying the lasting legacy and influence of Vikings.
  • Wyrm’s Whisper: An elegant vessel as quiet as a whisper.
  • Dragon’s Coil: In reference to the curly dragonhead stem posts.
  • Drakkar’s Scale: Alluding to the sturdy clinker-built structure of Longships.

Norse Ship Names

  • Yggdrasil’s Trek: Named for the universe-connecting tree in Norse mythology.
  • Valhalla Voyager: A ship worthy of reaching Odin’s hall.
  • Njord’s Favor: Blessings from Njord, the Norse God of sea.
  • Freyja’s Jewel: A prized vessel evoking Vanir Goddess Freyja.
  • Sigyn’s Loyalty: Commemorating Sigyn’s admirable dedication to her husband Loki.
  • Sif’s Gold: Reflecting the beauty of Sif’s golden hair.
  • Baldr’s Light: Named after Baldr, the fairest Norse god.
  • Bifrost Bridge: Named after the rainbow bridge to Asgard.
  • Frigg’s Spindle: Homage to the weaving skills of Goddess Frigg.
  • Skadi’s Revenge: Fierce like Skadi, vanquishing enemies over her father’s death.
  • Midgard Voyager: A driving force sailing the middle Earth, Midgard.
  • Ran’s Harvest: Reflecting Ran’s myth of collecting drowned sailors.
  • Gjallarhorn’s Call: Commemorating Heimdall’s horn announcing Ragnarok.
  • Odin’s Spear: Named after Gungnir, symbolizing sharpness and accuracy.
  • Loki’s Mirage: A ship that’s as elusive as Loki’s illusions.
  • Mimir’s Well: Source of wisdom and knowledge, like Mimir’s well.
  • Thor’s Thunder: Powerful and destructive like the Thunder God.
  • Fenrir’s Howl: Named for the monstrous wolf, Fenrir’s nightmarish fierceness.
  • Ymir’s Legacy: Important vessel named after the primordial giant Ymir.
  • Idunn’s Orchard: Named for Idun’s garden, the Norse source of immortality.


Why did Vikings name their ships?

For Vikings, their ships were as crucial as their warriors. Naming their ships was a way of asserting their identity and harnessing protection from the gods for their seafaring journeys.

What materials did Vikings use to build their ships?

Viking ships were mainly constructed from wood, primarily oak. Other materials used included natural animal fibres for ropes and wool sails.

Did Viking ships have figureheads?

Yes, often Viking ships had figureheads – decorative carvings, usually representing animals or gods, mounted at the front (prow) of the vessel.

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