Best 70+ Iconic Boat Names ideas

Have you ever wondered what the most iconic boat names are? Have you ever wanted to name your boat after one of these iconic boats?

If so, we’ve got some good news for you: today’s blog post is all about boat names! We’ll be discussing the most popular ones and why they’re so popular. Plus, we’ll give you some name ideas on how to choose a name that’s right for your boat!

Best Iconic Boat Names ideas

  • Calypso – Calypso is a great name for a boat. The name evokes the Greek goddess of the sea, who was known for her love of music and song.
  • Treasure – Treasure was a ship that ran aground in 1848, and it’s still missing.
  • Patio Boat – The Patio Boat is a popular boat name that can be used for a wide variety of vessels, including sailboats and yachts.
  • Dream Catcher – This name is perfect for a boat that you want to keep in your dreams forever.
  • Sea Legs – Sea Legs is the name of a boat that became famous for sailing around the world.
  • Lady Jane – Lady Jane is a classic name for a boat that has been around since the 19th century.
  • Calamity Jane – Calamity Jane is the name of a boat that was built in 1856 and named after Calamity Jane, a legendary figure who lived in the American West.
  • Lady Luck – Lady Luck is a name that’s as iconic as the boat itself. The boat was built in 1930 and was used for racing by an Olympic gold medalist.
  • Abigail Rose III – Abigail Rose III is the name of a boat that was built in California in 1962. It’s a wooden boat and had a length of 24 feet.
  • Eagle’s Nest II – Eagle’s Nest II is the name of a boat that was built in 1960 and used to fish for tuna. It was owned by Robert LaPidus, who had a reputation for being a bit of an eccentric.
  • Sir Prize – Sir Prize is a name that was given to a boat in the 1990s, and it really captures the spirit of a great boat name.
  • Aye Matey! – An iconic boat name can be as simple as “The Sea King” or “The Black Pearl.” It can also be a little more complex:
  • Ark Angel – The Ark Angel is a boat that was built in 2009, and it’s the name of an iconic boat.
  • Water Baby II – Water Baby II is a boat name that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.
  • Shady Lady – Shady Lady was a boat that sailed around the world in the early 1800s. It was captained by George Earl and had a crew of six.
  • Just Doin’ Time – Icons like “Just Doin’ Time” are a great way to express your attitude towards boating.
  • A Bit Much – This boat is a bit much, but it’s too cute to hate.
  • Bye Felicia! – I don’t know why people are getting so mad about this boat, but I’m sad to see it go!
  • The Rum Runner – A boat that makes me think of my favorite cocktails, and of course it runs on rum (which is why they call it that).
  • Hot Mess Express – This boat was probably not named by a professional naming agency,
  • The Good Ship Lollipop – A short, sweet name for a company that makes candy
  • Raisin Cain – A catchy name for a company that makes raisins and other dried fruit products
  • Free shipping – A simple, straightforward name for a company that offers free shipping
  • Offshore Account II – A slightly more complicated name for an offshore account management firm
  • The Queen Mary – The ship the Queen Mary was named after, who is known for her grace and poise in times of crisis.
  • True Love – You know, the kind of love you feel for your significant other or family.
  • Calm Heart – A state of peace and calmness.
  • Over the Top – To go above the normal limits of what’s expected or possible.
  • Barefoot Girl – The Barefoot Girl was a racing boat that was built in 1885. It was the first boat to win a race in America’s Cup.
  • Blue Dreamer – The name Blue Dreamer is a nod to the owners and crew’s shared love of sailing and the ocean.

More Iconic Boat Names ideas

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  • Sea Fox’
  • Sailor Girl
  • Sea Breeze
  • S’More Fun
  • Happy Hour
  • Time Out
  • Knotty Girl
  • Just Beachy
  • All Aboard
  • Lost at Sea
  • Island Hopper
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Ballad of The Seven Seas
  • Windswept Destiny
  • Bait & Switch
  • From the Bridge
  • Hard Water Mary
  • Irie Feelin’
  • Gills & Reels
  • First Light
  • Liquid Therapy
  • Salt Lick
  • Paddle This!
  • The Edyn
  • Blu Vida
  • Big Apple
  • Crazy Horse
  • Dixieland Delight
  • Hello Dolly
  • Doin’ Time
  • Live Wire
  • Gimme Shelter
  • Intrepid
  • Freedom Fighter
  • C-ya-later! 

more boat names ideas

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