120+ Best Viking boat names No One’s Told You About

Viking boat names

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a boat. And if you have a boat, we’re guessing it’s probably a Viking.

But naming your boat is more than just fun. It’s also important to get it right.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of Viking Boat Names. We hope it’ll help you find the perfect name for your Viking Boat, and maybe even help you come up with some new ideas if you’re having trouble deciding on one.

Viking Boat Naming Guidelines

When it comes to naming Viking boats, certain guidelines were followed that trace back to their mythology and history. Names were often drawn from norse gods, legendary creatures, natural phenomena or elements seen as having immense power.

For instance, a boat could be named after Thor, the god of thunder, or Jormungandr, the giant sea serpent from Norse mythology, illustrating the formidable names that Vikings preferred for their boats.

Best Viking Boat Names and Meanings

  • Aegir’s Fury: Sea god Aegir’s fierce might.
  • Odin’s Whisper: Wisdom and power of Odin.
  • Freyja’s Embrace: Loving touch of goddess Freyja.
  • Thor’s Hammer: Thunder god’s force unleashed.
  • Valkyrie’s Choice: Fate picked by valiant Valkyries.
  • Loki’s Mischief: Trickster god’s cunning play.
  • Aska’s Draumr: Visionary journey on water.
  • Freyr’s Light: Bountiful harvest and sunshine.
  • Sigurd’s Oath: Legendary hero’s sworn loyalty.
  • Baldur’s Resilience: Enduring strength of god Baldur.
  • Heimdall’s Watch: Eternal guardian’s vigilant gaze.
  • Bifrost’s Bridging: Pathway connecting the realms.
  • Valhalla’s Call: Glory bound for Viking warriors.
  • Sleipnir’s Stride: Swift journey on eight-legged steed.
  • Yggdrasil’s Roots: Ancient cosmic tree’s grounding.
  • Gungnir’s Precision: Odin’s powerful and unerring spear.
  • Skadi’s Hunt: Winter goddess’s fearless pursuit.
  • Fenrir’s Howl: Distant echo of mythic wolf.
  • Huginn and Muninn: Odin’s memory and thought embodied.
  • Jormungandr’s Coils: Encircling ocean of the Midgard Serpent.

cool Viking boat names


In honor of the feast of the gods and goddesses, we’ve created a list of our favorite Viking boat names.

  • Righteous Rage
  • Kraken’s Kiss
  • Caught Napping
  • The Hangover
  • Shear Panic
  • Fishin’ Impossible
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Nefarious Nemesis
  • Midgard Mystery
  • The Bloody Challenger
  • Fate’s Finisher

funny Viking boat names

funny Viking boat names

It’s time to get your boat on the high seas! We have some awesome names for you to try out

  • The Last Light
  • Seafarer
  • Omnipotent
  • Northern Lights
  • Fjord Lass
  • Fury of the Ocean
  • No Mercy
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Wind Chaser
  • Hammerhead
  • The Great Wave
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Viking Ship
  • Shieldmaiden
  • Jörmungandr
  • Sea Serpent
  • Crushing Wave
  • Drakkar
  • Skull-splitter
  • Storm-chaser
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Viking Fun
  • The longship
  • The Narrowboat
  • The Snake
  • Long Serpent

Good Viking boat names

If you’re looking to name your Viking boat, consider these suggestions.

  • Ship of Kings
  • Serpent’s Revenge
  • Ship of the Dead
  • Fury
  • Dragon’s Vengeance
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Angel of Death
  • White Wolf
  • The Raven
  • Echo of the Gods
  • The Hungry Raven
  • The Wandering Whale
  • The Swift Stag
  • The Naughty Stallion
  • The Horned Serpent
  • The Mighty Eagle
  • The Grim Serpent
  • The Naughty Serpent
  • The Silent Wolf
  • Wind-Breaker
  • The Broad Serpent
  • The Longship
  • The Knarr
  • The Great Ships
  • The Bend of the Sun

famous Viking boat names

These names will help you pick a good name for your Viking boat.

  • The Long Serpent
  • The Sea Serpent
  • The Wave Sweeper
  • The Sea Wyvern
  • Snake’s Eye
  • The Storm Runner
  • Serpent’s Tooth
  • The Great Warrior
  • Grey Falcon
  • Gold Beard
  • Iron Maiden
  • Skudfirder
  • Hugin and Munin
  • Delightful
  • Peace
  • Dragon’s Head
  • Lazy Rascal
  • Hawk
  • Ulfar’s Dream
  • Wolf’s Head
  • Dragon’s Tail
  • The Valiant One
  • Thrjdreki
  • Vngur
  • Mnnumr
  • Kvasir
  • Gungnir

Viking fishing boat names

If you need a name for your fishing boat, here are some really good ones.

  • Little Axe
  • Iron-Breaker
  • Sea-Hawk
  • Iron-Claw
  • Axefairer
  • Gold-Crow
  • Furrow of the Sea
  • Spear Shaker
  • Sage of the Waves
  • Whale’s Way
  • Doom Ship
  • Longship of Fear
  • Kraken Hunter
  • Svalbard
  • After Avalon
  • Carpe Diem
  • Catch 22
  • Cloud Nine
  • Knot Bad
  • Let It Go
  • Line Dancer
  • Splashing Good Tim

Viking river boat names

You need a name for your Viking river boat, and these are the best ones around.

  • Viking Odin
  • Viking Rolf
  • Viking Tor
  • Viking Eirik
  • Viking Ingvar
  • Viking Tialfi
  • Viking Svein
  • Viking Embla
  • Viking Ragnvald
  • Viking Brynhildr
  • Viking Tialfi
  • Viking Lofn
  • Viking Skadi
  • Viking Rinda
  • Viking Aegir
  • Viking Odin
  • Viking Idun
  • Viking Helgi
  • Viking Sun
  • Viking Star
  • Viking Spirit
  • Viking Pride
  • Viking Poseidon
  • Viking Orion
  • Viking Neptune

FAQs-Viking boat names

How do you choose a Viking name?

1. Choose a name that has meaning to you and your family.

2. Make sure your name is easy to pronounce by native English speakers.

3. Avoid names that sound similar to other Viking boat names or sound like other words in the English language (e.g., don’t choose “Norseman” if someone else has already registered “Norsemen”).

4. If you want to pick a name that isn’t on our list of approved Viking boat names, please visit this list.

Why is it important for your Vikings boat to have a name?

It’s important for our Vikings boats to have names because it helps us connect them to the people who ride them. When you name your boat, it becomes a part of you. It’s more than a boat—it becomes a part of your story.

What are the 3 basic types of Viking ships?

The three basic types of Viking ships are the longship, the Knarr, and the dragon ship.

The longship was a sturdy, fast ship used for raiding and trading.
The Knarr was a cargo ship that could carry up to 30 tons of goods.
The dragon ship was the most significant type of Viking vessel used for warfare, exploration, and even carrying people across bodies of water.


When it comes to naming your Viking Boat, you want to make sure that you choose a name that reflects the history and spirit of the boat.

Viking Boats are made for adventure, so make sure that your boat name is something that will inspire you!


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