Top 180+ Amazing Dinghy Boat Names You’ll Love

So you’ve got your dinghy boat, and now it’s time to name it. But where do you start?

There are many different ways to name a boat—some people pick names based on the shape of their boats, while others choose names based on what they plan to use the boat for. Still, others just get lucky and stumble upon the perfect name by accident.

We’ll help you narrow down the options so that you can find the best dinghy boat names for your own personal style.

Best Dinghy Boat Names


Dinghy boat names can be tricky. They’re often short and must be catchy enough to stick in your memory. Here are some suggestions for naming your dinghy:

  • The Dingy
  • My Little Dingy
  • Dinghy Boating
  • Raider dinghy
  • Osprey dinghy
  • Marlin dinghy
  • Speedo dinghy
  • Olympian dinghy
  • The Crazy Tug
  • Too Drunk to Dinghy
  • Victorious Secret
  • Boats Aweigh
  • The Dinky Dink
  • Land Ho!
  • High & Dry
  • Dinghy-Doo

Funny Dinghy Boat Names

We all know that a dinghy boat name can make or break the experience of being on the water. And we’ve got some fun ideas for you!

  • Dinghy Bug
  • Dink Dink
  • Dinkum
  • Dinkys Revenge
  • Ding-a-ling
  • Dinghy Rides
  • Dinghy the Limit
  • Dinghy the Only Way
  • Dinghy Thrills
  • Dinghy Time
  • Dinkus Maximus
  • The Dinghy of Life
  • Dinghy Bum
  • Slip Sliding Away
  • Puddle Jumper
  • Near Beer

Male Dinghy Boat Names

The male dinghy is a small boat used by sailors for centuries. The name “dinghy” comes from the word “dingy,” which means “small.”

The male dinghy is named after the female boat, which is called a dinky

  • Dinghy Do Me
  • BoomBoom Boat
  • Jelly Bean
  • Mystery Machine
  • Abracadabra
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Meridian
  • Midnight Maiden
  • Sprit of the Sea
  • White Sails
  • King Neptune
  • Sea Nymph
  • Centennial
  • Thelma K
  • Marsh Hawk II
  • Wind Song
  • Buttercup III
  • Seas the Day

Female Dinghy Boat Names

The name you choose for your boat should reflect its personality and appeal to you. If you’re looking for female boat names, there are many options. Some of the most common female boat names include:

  • Buttercup
  • Daisy May
  • Molly Brown
  • Seas the Day
  • Sea Nymph (for a small craft)
  • Car-Carina
  • Sinderella
  • Tipsy Gypsy
  • The Virgin Queen
  • C**k Blocker
  • Lady Godiva
  • Sail La Vie
  • Dinghylum
  • Jeanie II

Couple Dinghy Boat Names

The couple’s dinghy names have been picked by the author from a wide range of interesting names that are suitable for couples.

  • Sailing Couple
  • Windy Waters
  • On Our Way Home
  • Captain and Ginger
  • Double Trouble Lovers
  • Lost at Sea
  • The Sea Nanas
  • The Midnight Sun
  • The Tugger Genie
  • Ahoy Matey
  • Happy Hump Day
  • Harbor Daze
  • Sunset Kisses
  • Lake Life
  • Mel-O-Dee

Small Dinghy Boat Names

  • No Worries Mate
  • Tiny Terror
  • Dearly Beloved
  • Mac Attack
  • Skipper’s Nightmare
  • Sea Legs
  • Pretty Business
  • To The Max
  • Red Ruby II
  • Swingin’ on a Star
  • Tenderd To Me
  • Paddle Alert
  • Finishing First
  • High & Dry
  • Dingy Little Thing
  • Dingy O’Dare

Dinghy Fishing Boat Names

Sobuj, Pixaby, Canva

Picking a name for your fishing dinghy is hard and should not be taken too seriously. We hope this list helps you with your dinghy fishing boat naming adventure!

  • Sling Shot
  • Half Priced
  • Sea Kings
  • Big Eye Tuna
  • White Pointer
  • Catfish Express
  • Low Tide
  • Fish N Chips
  • Fish Finder
  • Reel Therapy
  • The Perfect Drift
  • Pond Ripper
  • Fish Repellent
  • Fishing Machine
  • Sea Lion
  • Dorado Dreamer

Wooden Dinghy Boat names

  • White Whale – the name of the whale in Moby Dick
  • Becky – a name in Hebrew meaning “to do”
  • Cassandra – a Greek name that means “devoted to Apollo” or “unfaithful wife of King Agamemnon”
  • 14 Footer – a name for a small fishing boat that is 14 feet in length
  • Tippy Canoe – a name for a small canoe with two seats that is long and narrow ”
  • Wooden Shoe
  • Yachtie Girl
  • Coco Puff
  • Skiff’s AUsome
  • Dry Martini
  • Rock Deeper I
  • Salt Shaker 2
  • Totally Awesome
  • Atomic Tuna
  • Sea-Renity Now

Rubber Dinghy Boat Names

Boat names are easy to change, but starting your boat ownership with a good name is important.

  • Oarsome
  • Dinghy Delight
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Barge-a-Bout
  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Shallow End
  • Ditch Witch
  • Life Raft
  • Family Jewels
  • Fish Tale
  • Baby Got Backwash
  • Snappy Comeback
  • Rowdy McRowerface

Fiberglass Dinghy Boat Names

If you own a fiberglass boat, it’s important to take care of it. Learn how to care for your fiberglass boat and keep it in tip-top condition for years of enjoyment on the water.

  • MadCat
  • Good Stuff
  • WaveTrain
  • SkatKat
  • Beach Life
  • Waterworks
  • DingyMotors
  • Little One
  • TinyThing
  • XXS Boat

Inflatable Dinghy Boat Names

Inflatable Dinghy Boat Names
  • Dinghy Do
  • Dingy Hoe
  • Dingy Go
  • Dinghy Mo
  • Dingy Yo
  • Dinghy Ho
  • Dingy Do
  • Dingly Yo
  • Dingly Ho
  • Dingly Fo

Dinghy Plastic Boat Names

When it comes to dinghy plastic boats, you want something that’s going to be tough and, at the same time, easy to maneuver. We’ve created this list of dinghy plastic boat names for you.

  • Lake Yacht Club
  • Sea Queen
  • Water Gypsy
  • Maggie May
  • The Retriever
  • Lady Alexandra
  • Jubilee
  • Newby I.R.B.
  • Marine Explorer
  • Life of Riley
  • Journey Special
  • Sail Away With Me

Dinghy Rubber Boat Names

  • Putt Putt
  • Baby Boo
  • Don’t Sink
  • Polynesian Dream
  • Captain Nemo
  • My Little Dinghy
  • Purple Stripes
  • Port To Starboard
  • Fishy Feet
  • 2 lazy 2 care
  • Tiny Turtle
  • Yacht Rockin

How do I choose the right dinghy boat name?

A dinghy’s name can be a fun way to express yourself. You know that one guy who has a dinghy named “Danger?” Well, you don’t want to be that guy. Here are some tips for picking out a name for your dinghy:

1) Make sure it’s not too long—you don’t want to spend all your time saying it instead of enjoying your boat ride.

2) Don’t pick anything too obvious. If everyone knows what your boat name is by looking at it, then what’s the point?

3) Make sure it says something about YOU! What do you love? What makes you happy? What makes life worth living? That’s what your boat should say

More Boat Name Ideas


How do I pronounce “dinghy”?

“Dinghy” is pronounced “dinky,” which comes from the word “dingle.” In British English, a single is a small valley or glen; in American English, it’s described as a small rowboat for one person (or two if they’re very close).

Are there different types of dinghies?

There are three main types: Inflatable boats, rigid hulls, and semi-rigid vessels.

What is a dinghy boat called?

Dinghy boats are called dinghies. They are small, lightweight boats that are often used for racing or for transporting passengers or supplies short distances.

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