Top 180+ Most Famous Boat Names For Your Next Boat


Pick a boat name inspired by a famous boat when you name your new boat! There are actors, characters in art and literature, historical figures, movies, and more.

There are so many famous boat names to choose from you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your all-star boat.

We’ve compiled a list of the top famous boat names to help you start the process of picking a good name.

Here Are the Top 180+ Most Famous Boat Names

Best Famous Boat Names

You can name your boat after a famous movie or cartoon character. Naming a boat is just like naming a child. You have to think of a good name that suits your boat.

Here are some famous boat name ideas that you can use for your boat:

  • Titanic: The infamous cruise ship tragically sunk in 1912.
  • Mayflower: Carried Pilgrims to the New World in 1620.
  • Santa Maria: Christopher Columbus’s flagship for his 1492 voyage.
  • Queen Mary: British ocean liner turned floating hotel today.
  • USS Constitution: Oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat in the world.
  • HMS Victory: Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • SS Edmund Fitzgerald: American freighter that sank in Lake Superior.
  • USS Arizona: Sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Nautilus: First submarine to journey beneath Arctic ice.
  • Enterprise (Star Trek): Iconic starship from the popular Sci-Fi series.
  • Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean): Fictional cursed pirate ship infamous film.
  • African Queen: Star of the classic Humphrey Bogart film.
  • HMS Beagle: Carried Charles Darwin on his scientific journey.
  • Endeavour: Captain Cook’s ship on his first voyage.
  • Viking: Representing ships used by Viking seafarers, and explorers.
  • Golden Hind: Sir Francis Drake’s ship; circumnavigated the globe.
  • SS Great Britain: Once the largest vessel afloat in 1845.
  • Ghost (Game of Thrones): Yara Greyjoy’s ironborn longship in popular series.
  • Moby Dick: The white whale from Herman Melville’s novel.
  • Orca (Jaws): Fishing boats used to hunt the infamous sharks.

Famous Boat Names in Movies

  • The Perfect Storm
  • The Deadliest Catch
  • The Life Aquatic
  • Thelma & Louise
  • The Poseidon Adventure
  • The Perfect Getaway
  • The Deep
  • The Island
  • The Titanic Experience
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • The African Queen
  • The Ghost and the Darkness
  • The Revenant
  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • The Call of the Wild
  • The Sea Wolf

Famous Boat Names in Literature

The boat names in literature are very famous. They have been used for centuries and have become a part of our culture.

Here are some famous boat names from literature.

  • Die Another Day
  • Thelma & Louise
  • African Queen 
  • Batboat 
  • Calypso 
  • Hispaniola 
  • HMS Bounty 
  • Jolly Roger 
  • Lusitania 
  • Mayflower 
  • Minnow 
  • Nautilus 
  • Noah’s Ark 
  • Pequod 
  • Queen Elizabeth 
  • Santa Maria 
  • Seafarer 
  • Victory 
  • Wanderer 
  • Yellow Submarine

Famous boat names in history

Historical boat names are a great source of inspiration for boat owners. Here are a few historical boat names for you. 

  • The Carl T. Myers
  • The Delta Lady
  • The Island Queen
  • The Natchez
  • Spirit of the Mississippi
  • HMS Victory 
  • USS Constitution 
  • USS Nautilus 
  • HMS Ark Royal
  • Mayflower
  • Santa Maria
  • Discovery 
  • Queen Mary 
  • Kon Tiki 
  • Rainbow Warrior
  • Endeavour
  • Clipper Windjammer 
  • Constitution

Famous Viking boat names

There are many different Viking boat names. In this section, we will focus on the ones known to us through history.

  • Saehengr 
  • Skuldelev 
  • Gokstad 
  • Oseberg 
  • Roskilde 
  • Vestfold 
  • Kvalsund
  • Gokstad 
  • Hauge 
  • Torsnes 
  • Borgund 
  • Sognefjord 
  • Osterfjord 
  • Hjeltefjord 
  • Hardangerfjord 
  • Sogndal 
  • Stavanger 
  • Bergen 
  • Trondheim 
  • Oslo

Famous pirate boat names

There are different kinds of pirate boat names in different countries. Some people call them “pirate ships”, and some others call them “pirate boats”.

  • Adventure Galley 
  • Anne Bonny 
  • Bartholomew Roberts 
  • Black Bart 
  • Blackbeard 
  • Black Swan 
  • Bloody Mary 
  • Calico Jack 
  • Charles Vane 
  • Ching Shih 
  • Christopher Condent 
  • Edward Teach 
  • Emanuel Wynn 
  • Francis Spriggs
  • Henry Jennings 
  • John Rackham 
  • Joseph Baker 
  • Mary Read 
  • Mary Reed 
  • Samuel Bellamy

Famous fishing boat names

There are many fishing boats in the world. They’re usually used for fun, and their names mean a lot. In this article, we will look at some of the most famous fishing boat names.

  • Fishin’ Fool 
  • Hook, Line & Sinker 
  • High Seas 
  • Sea of Dreams 
  • Blue Water 
  • Deep Sea 
  • Fish Tales 
  • Shark Bait 
  • The Big One 
  • No Regrets 
  • Live bait 
  • Bait & Switch 
  • The One That Got Away 
  • Lucky Catch 
  • Tight Lines 
  • Reel ’em in
  • Little Fish
  • Huge Catch
  • Cast Away

Famous American boat names

American boat names are a source of inspiration for many boat lovers. Here are some of the most famous names.

  • Africa Queen
  • Black Pearl
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Flying Scud
  • HMS Bounty
  • John B.
  • Lone Voyager
  • Pequod
  • The War Eagle
  • The Eagle Spirit
  • America’s Cup
  • Captain Ahab
  • The City of Wilmington
  • Honey Fitz
  • Lady Bird II, 
  • The Heavenly Days
  • Molly Brown III
  • The Triton II 
  • Liberty Belle and Skylark II
  • Jolly Roger

Famous river boat names

We are looking for famous riverboat names. If you want, I can suggest some names. 

  • Aquatic Queen
  • Belle of Louisville
  • Delta Queen
  • Empress of the North
  • Gateway Clipper
  • Hurricane Deck
  • Isle of Capri
  • Jungle Queen
  • Mississippi Queen
  • Mystic River Bateaux
  • Paddlewheel Queen
  • River Bluff
  • Riverboat Twilight
  • O’Brien’s Blizzard
  • Fitzpatrick’s Flood

Famous Irish boat names

The Irish boat names are some of the most famous and well-known boat names in the world. Many films, TV shows, books, and other media use them.

  • Erin’s Isle
  • Celtic Mist
  • Irish Rose
  • Shamrock
  • O’Malley’s Pride
  • Finnegan’s Rainbow
  • Murphy’s Law
  • Doyle’s Destiny
  • Kennedy’s Dream
  • O’Neil’s Odyssey
  • McCarthy’s Miracle
  • Gallagher’s Gamble
  • Fitzgerald’s Fancy
  • Brennan’s Blessing
  • Murphy’s Mermaid
  • O’Reilly’s Rainbow
  • Ryan’s Rascal
  • McKenna’s Mistake
  • O’Donnell’s Dream

Famous female boat names

Are you looking for a unique name for your boat? Would you like to carry on the legacy of a boat named after a famous woman? Choose from a number of examples.

  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Queen Mary
  • Lusitania
  • Normandie
  • Mauretania
  • Aquitania
  • Olympic
  • Southern Cross
  • King Edward VII
  • Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse
  • Emperor of India
  • Bismarck
  • Vaterland
  • Leviathan
  • White Star
  • Red Star
  • Cunard
  • Liberty

Famous sailboat names

  • Constitution
  • Cutty Sark
  • Angel in Disguise
  • Angelina
  • April Fools
  • Baby Jane
  • Bajamar (Bah-haha-MAR)
  • Bella Donna
  • Bewitched
  • Calliope (Kuh-LIE-uh-pee)
  • Chiquita (“kee-kee-tah”)
  • Cleopatra (Klee-oh-PAT-ruh)
  • Corazon (Corr-ah-ZONE) 
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion
  • Dancing Queen 
  • Day Dreamer
  • Diamond Girl
  • Enchanted
  • Captain Blood

Tips for Choosing a Famous Boat Name

When choosing a famous boat name, you want it to resonate on numerous levels. It should not only identify your vessel but also reflect your personality or captivate those who hear it. Here are five key tips to consider:

  • Reflect Your Personality: Choose a name that mirrors your character, interests, or aspirations. It personalizes your boat and makes it an extension of who you are.
  • Historical Significance: Think about using famous names from maritime history. This can pay tribute to momentous seafaring events or legendary vessels.
  • Pop Culture References: Names from iconic movies, books, or TV shows can give your boat a hip aspect and spark conversations.
  • Prioritize Readability: The name should be easy to read, spell, and pronounce. This is crucial for seamless identification, especially in radio communications and safety scenarios.
  • Keep It Unique: Aim for a distinctive name that sets your boat apart. A unique name adds an element of intrigue to your vessel and distinguishes it in a crowd.


We hope one of these famous boat names will inspire you to name your new boat. If you enjoy it, you can share this article and let us know your top choice in the comment section.

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