Italian Boat Names: 150+ Cute, Funny & Cool Names With Meanings


If you’re looking for a unique Italian name for your boat.

Italian boats are some of the most popular and beautiful boats in the world. They have a long history of being used for fishing, transportation, and even war.

But did you know that many Italian boats have names? Names that tell you something about the boat itself or its owner’s personality.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the origins of Italian boat names and how they can help you find one that suits your own style and tastes.

Here Are Best 150 Italian Boat Names

Best 10 Italian boat names

Find the perfect name for your boat with this list of Italian words! The names are beautiful and they say a lot about the owners.

  • Amore Mio (My Love)
  • Bellissima (Beautiful)
  • Bella Donna (Beautiful Lady)
  • Graziella (Graceful or Little Thankful One)
  • Ciao Bella! (Hello, Beautiful!)
  • Bella Vita – Italian for Beautiful Life
  • Un Giorno – One Day
  • Realeza – Royalty
  • Sei della mia vita – You’re the reason for my life
  • In volare – Flying

Female Italian boat names

  • Ispirazione: Translates to “Inspiration,” for creative muses.
  • Il Cane: Means “Dog,” symbolizing loyalty and companionship.
  • Distanza: Translates as “Distance,” representing journeys and explorations.
  • Armonia: Means “Harmony,” ideal for balanced, tranquil vessels.
  • Cuore: Translates to “Heart,” expressing deep emotions and connections.
  • Sogno: Means “Dream,” for imaginative and aspirational boats.
  • Luna Bella: Translates as “Beautiful Moon,” invoking nighttime romance.
  • Sole: Means “Sun,” symbolizing warmth, radiance, and energy.
  • Essere Amato: Translates to “Being Loved,” expressing a sense of belonging.
  • Passione: Means “Passion,” signifying intense emotions and desires.
  • Magnifico: Translates as “Splendid,” perfect for sophisticated and exquisite boats.
  • La Vita Bella: Means “The Beautiful Life,” embodying rich experiences and happiness.
  • Bella Notte: Translates to “Beautiful Night,” invoking enchanting, romantic evenings.
  • Il Mare: Means “The Sea,” representing the vast, captivating ocean.
  • Libellula: Translates as “Dragonfly,” symbolizing transformation and adaptability.
  • Reggina: Means “Queen,” signifying elegance, power, and grace.

Male Italian boat names

  • Angel of the Sea: Epitomizes the protector, guide over water.
  • Bridget Bardot: Named after iconic French actress, allure and appeal.
  • Catamaran: A multihulled boat, symbolizing stability and speed.
  • Monsoon: Representing the bold, powerful forces of nature.
  • Sirocco: Mediterranean wind, ideal for swift, agile vessels.
  • Spirit of Adventure: Encapsulating the thrill of sea exploration.
  • Playtime: Emphasizes leisure, enjoyment out in the open water.
  • Omegacraft: Echoes the sense of ultimate craftsmanship in boat-building.
  • Zephyr #1: Greek God of the west wind, poetic.
  • Ocean One: Sequential, commanding; the one that conquers seas.
  • Summer Breeze X2: The joy of a seaside journey, doubled.
  • Bluestar: The guiding star over seemingly endless blue seas.
  • Blues Harp: Nods to a joyful tune, seafaring pleasure.
  • Candide: Inspired by Voltaire’s work; representing optimism, adventure.
  • Playa Blanca: White beach, leisurely coastal journeys, warm summer vibes.

Top Romantic Italian Boat Names

  • Amore Mio: Translates to “My Love,” symbolizing deep affection.
  • Dolce Vita: Means “Sweet Life,” embodying heartfelt enjoyment.
  • Amore Eterno: Translates as “Eternal Love,” a timeless commitment.
  • Cuore di Mare: Means “Heart of the Sea,” for ocean-lovers.
  • Bella Sirena: Translates to “Beautiful Mermaid,” ideal for feminine vessels.
  • Bellissima: Meaning “Most Beautiful,” perfect for impressive boats.
  • Infinito: Translates as “Infinite,” signifying limitless journeys and adventures.
  • Stella Marina: Means “Sea Star,” symbolizing guidance and navigation.
  • Ti Amo: Translates to “I Love You,” expressing intense emotions.
  • Sogno d’Amore: Meaning “Love Dream,” invoking romance and desire.
  • Cara Mia: Translates as “My Darling,” expressing endearment and closeness.
  • Notte Stellata: Means “Starry Night,” a romantic and picturesque name.
  • Passione Blu: Translates as “Blue Passion,” symbolizing the love for sea.
  • Incanto: Meaning “Enchantment,” perfect for charming and captivating boats.
  • La Regina: Translates as “The Queen,” signifying dominance and elegance.

Unique Italian boat names

  • Divina Distrazione – Divine Distraction
  • Dottoressa di Bordo – On-Board Doctor
  • Pover’almare – Poor to the Sea
  • Non Siamo Ricchi Ma Abbiamo Il Mare – We Are Not Rich But We Have The Sea
  • Come Sempre In Ritardo – As Always Late
  • Ti Lascio Una Rosa a Vela – I Leave You a Sailed Rose
  • Noi e il Mare – Us and the Sea
  • Nella Vita e in Mare – In Life and At Sea
  • Cose Della Vita – Things of Life (from Eros Ramazzotti’s famous song)
  • Unii Mai Napoli! – Some people go back! (from a Romanian song by Andra)
  • Andiamo – Let’s go
  • AquaDolce – Fresh Water
  • Beaufort – Good Fort
  • Capisce? – Do you understand?

Funny Italian boat names

  • Di Noi – Of us
  • Donna mia bella – My beautiful lady
  • La Nostra Famiglia – Our Family
  • Non capisco – I don’t understand
  • Nostro Amore – Our Love
  • Tutto Bene – Everything is good in Italian
  • Amore eterno – Eternal Love
  • Fuori dalle onde – Out of the waves
  • La Dolce Vita – The Sweet Life
  • Pace – Peace
  • Il Paradiso – Paradise
  • Amore – Love
  • Bella Vita – Beautiful Life
  • Capitano – Captain
  • Dalia – Daisy

Cool Italian boat names

  • Veloce: Translates to “Fast,” perfect for speedy boats.
  • Stella Maris: Means “Star of the Sea,” for navigators.
  • Acqua Azzurra: Translates as “Blue Water,” depicting serene voyages.
  • Lupo di Mare: Means “Sea Wolf,” symbolizing dominance and fearlessness.
  • Vento Solare: Translates to “Solar Wind,” representing speed and energy.
  • Capriccio: Means “Whim or Fancy,” for capricious, unpredictable vessels.
  • La Dolce Vela: Translates as “The Sweet Sail,” for leisurely journeys.
  • Coraggio: Means “Courage,” perfect for brave, adventurous boats.
  • Valore: Translates to “Value,” signifying the preciousness of marine experiences.
  • Aurora: Means “Dawn,” for business or pleasure that starts early.
  • Nebbia di Mare: “Sea Fog,” invoking mystery and enchanting seafaring adventures.
  • Raggio di Luna: Translates to “Moonbeam,” perfect for night sailing.
  • Velocità di Luce: “Speed of Light,” the ultimate speed symbol.
  • Amico di Oceano: Means “Ocean’s Friend,” perfect for environmentally-conscious vessels.
  • Il Segreto: Translates to “The Secret,” signalling mystery and intrigue.

Top Italian Boat Names Inspired by Italian Cities

  • Romanza Veneziana – “Venetian Romance”
  • Bella Roma – “Beautiful Rome”
  • Toscano Tesoro – “Tuscan Treasure”
  • Amalfi Sogno – “Amalfi Dream”
  • Dolce Firenze – “Sweet Florence”
  • Cinque Terre – Celebrating Italy’s five scenic coastal villages
  • Capri Vista – “Capri View”
  • Lo Stivale – “The Boot” – a nickname for Italy’s shape
  • Siciliana Bella – “Beautiful Sicilian”
  • Sorriso di Napoli – “Smile of Naples”

Italian Boat Names Inspired by Pop Culture

  • Il Padrino: Translates as “The Godfather,” an iconic Italian film.
  • La Dolce Vita: Named after Fellini’s film, embodies a lavish lifestyle.
  • Cinema Paradiso: Celebrates the classic Italian film of inspiration.
  • Dio Mio: “Oh My God,” commonly used Italian expression.
  • Bella Ciao: Named after Italian anti-fascist resistance song.
  • Giallo: Italian genre of mystery fiction and crime.
  • Ciao Bella: A common Italian phrase meaning “Hello Beautiful”.
  • Tarantella: Energetic Italian dance, also references cinematic dramatic sequences.
  • La Strada: After Fellini’s film, signifies life’s challenging journey.
  • Romantico: Adjective describing Italian popular romance themes in media.
  • Vespa: Famous Italian scooter featured in many films.
  • Dante: Influencer of the Italian language, Dante Alighieri from literature.
  • Botticelli: Named after the famous Italian Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli.
  • Azzurro: Pays homage to the popular Italian song.
  • Il Postino: After a beloved film about a mailman’s romantic life.

Italian words for boat names

Italian words are great for boat names, even if you don’t speak Italian. These names can be used for naming boats.

  • Mare– Sea
  • Sirena– Siren
  • Calypso– Calypso
  • Pontone– Pontoon boat
  • Sottomarino– Submarine
  • Pesce — Fish
  • Felicità– Happiness
  • Vela — Sail
  • Nave — Ship
  • Stella della sera — Evening star
  • Stella del mattino — Morning star
  • Raggio di luna — Moonbeam
  • Stelle Polaris — North Star
  • Stella di navigazione — North Star

Famous Italian boat names

  • La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)
  • The Privateer
  • The Minnow
  • War Eagle
  • Rebel Yell
  • Raising Cain
  • Sea Wolf
  • Southern Star
  • Black Dog
  • Rosa Maria (Rose Mary)
  • Sister Act
  • The Sarah Jane
  • Il Mercantile
  • Il Pescecane
  • Santa Margherita
  • Galileo Galilei

Italian themed boat names

  • Esploratore – Explorer
  • Galileo – Pius, a smart and intelligent Italian name.
  • Gondoliere – Gondolier
  • Intrepido – Courageous
  • Ebb tide – The movement of water out to sea
  • Freccia Azzurra – Blue Arrow
  • Gabbiano B – Seagull B
  • I Delfini – The Dolphins
  • L’Allegra Domenica – Happy Sunday!
  • Le Bon Ton – Good Taste
  • La Dolce Vita – The sweet life, a term popularized by Federico Fellini’s 1960 film of the same name.
  • La Bella Vita – The beautiful life
  • La Dolce Far Niente – Italian for “the sweetness of doing

Italian fishing boat names

  • Love & Bait
  • The Perfect Catch
  • Ship Happens
  • Second Star to the Right
  • The One That Got Away
  • We’re on a Boat!
  • No Diggity
  • Fish You Were Here
  • Because I’m Happy
  • For Sail, Not For Hail
  • Darn Tootin’!
  • Pacific Siren
  • Pirate’s Jewel
  • Reel Obsession
  • Royal Spirit
  • Seven Seas
  • Make Waves Not War

How do I pick an Italian boat name?

We get it—you’re looking for a boat name that’s worthy of your beloved vessel. You want something that reflects the boat’s history, personality, and potential. But what if there was a way to make this process easier?

Well, we’re here to help! Here are our top tips for choosing the right Italian boat name:

1. Think about where your boat is going to be based. If it’s going to spend most of its time in the Mediterranean Sea, you might want to stick with an Italian name that reflects that.

2. Consider who will be using the boat after you do. This can help you pick a name that will appeal to their tastes and interests (and give them something to talk about during parties).

3. Don’t forget about the practical side of things! Will this name be easy for others to remember? Will it fit on all of your paperwork? If not, can it be modified easily enough?

What is a good Italian name for a boat?

A good Italian name for a boat should be short and sweet. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Ragazzo (meaning “boy”)

  • Sogno (meaning “dream”)

  • Bella (meaning “beautiful”)

What are Italian naval ships called?

If you’re looking to buy a boat, you may be wondering what kind of ships are available in Italy. Here are some of the most popular:

Italian naval ships are called warships. They can be used for both military and civilian purposes, and are used by the Italian Navy and Coast Guard.

Italian naval vessels include frigates, corvettes, submarines, patrol boats, and minesweepers.


Well, that’s all for today! Hopefully, you found this article helpful in learning about the origins of Italian boat names and how they can help you find one that suits your own style and tastes.

If you’re looking for a unique Italian name for your boat, I hope this article gave you some inspiration.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give me a shout!

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