Cool Boat Names: Top 190+ Cool Boat Names Ideas

Boat names are a lot like people. You can’t just name your boat whatever comes to mind, or you risk ending up with a vessel that has no personality.

But if you take the time to find the right name for your boat, it can be like having an old friend at sea with you—promising adventure and excitement but also providing comfort and calm when things get rough.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 190 cool boat names for inspiration!

Really Cool Boat Names

A boat name is a pretty big deal. It can be short, it can be long, but it should always have some meaning to the owner. If you are looking for a cool boat name, here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

  • Sink or Swim
  • Liquid Courage
  • Seas the Moment
  • Liquid Asset
  • Easy Does It.
  • Nautilus.
  • Odyssey.
  • Seagal Force One.
  • North Star.
  • Deep Blue Sea.
  • Notorious D.E.G.
  • Aqua Holic.
  • Money Pit
  • Cleavage
  • Sea-cret Affair
  • SShake n Bake
  • Anchor Management
  • Lost at Sea-son
  • Freedom First
  • Our Sweet Spot

Cool Female Boat Names

It’s a fact that boat names are a way of life. And while many people name their boats after people they know, it might be time to consider naming your boat after someone you love—or even yourself!

Here are some cool female boat names to get you started:

  • Pussycat (This one is a classic.)
  • Princess (If you’re the type who loves to be on the water but also loves being pampered.)
  • Sexpot (A great name for a boat that’s sleek and sexy.)
  • Sea Witch (If you want to be mysterious, this is one way to go.)
  • Siren (If you want something with a bit more edge than your typical sweetheart name.)
  • Sinful (This is one for the ladies who like to get wild.)
  • Sea Nymph (An elegant name for any boat that’s pure magic on water.)
  • Angel (If you want something sweet and innocent that will put a smile on your face.)
  • Wild One
  • It’s All Good
  • Notorius
  • Another Tequila Sunrise
  • Licencing Ladies
  • Cheers Friends
  • Better Than Therapy
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Sea Chicks
  • Dockside Divas

Cool Unique Boat Names

Have you ever thought about what you would name your boat? If you’re like us, you’ve probably considered a few different options. But if you want something that’s truly unique, here are some great ideas for boat names:

  • A Boat Day
  • Let’s Roll
  • Gratitude
  • Reverie
  • Miss Independence
  • My Girls
  • Cruisin’ EZ
  • Blue Eyes
  • This is the Life!
  • Seaduction
  • Sea Monkey
  • Big Boobs
  • Last Resort
  • Seabiscuit
  • Here For The Beer
  • Wave Runner
  • Houseboat 2
  • Take It Easy
  • The Ugly Duckling

Cool Funny Boat Names

Boat names can be fun and creative, or they can be boring. But there’s no doubt that a good boat name is one that sticks with you—and these are sure to do just that.

  • Aqua-Delicious
  • Hula Bender
  • Glamour Boat
  • Lady Shark
  • the Town Bull
  • Watermelon Slice
  • Speedy Gonzales
  • Burnin’ Love (after the Elvis Song)
  • Waverunner
  • C-Biscuit
  • Capricorn
  • King Neptune
  • Open Seas
  • The Tickle Me Elmo
  • Two Much Fun!
  • My Way Or The Highway
  • Bebe Bugga Boo
  • Sea-n-Biscuits
  • Uncle Buck’s FishBowl
  • Liquid Joy
  • Boats ‘n Hoes
  • Reel Excitement
  • The Jolly Roger
  • Red Neck Yacht Club
  • Knot on Call
  • Anchors Away!
  • High Maintenance
  • Unsinkable II

Cool Clever Boat Names

If you’re looking for boat names that are both creative and clever, look no further. We’ve got everything from nautical puns to pop culture references that are bound to make your friends jealous!

Here are some of our favorite clever boat names:

  • Hip Hop
  • Scallywag
  • High on Tide
  • Free Spirit
  • Day One
  • Sea-Cret Life
  • In Deep
  • Red Beard
  • Hail to the Queen
  • Tide Me Ova
  • The Boat Goes On
  • Wet Dream
  • If I Could Talk to the Animals
  • Big Ole Boat
  • Right Ways to do It Wrong
  • Pathetic Sailboat
  • Mighty Aphrodite
  • Dock Holiday
  • The Riveter

Cool Family Boat Names

Boat names are a lot of fun to think about, but they can also be tough to come up with. So we’ve gathered together some of our favorite family boat names for you to use as inspiration!

  • Dock of the Bay
  • Fishing for Fun and Profit
  • The Great Escape
  • Going to Sea in a Sieve
  • A Whale of a Time
  • Cuddly Kittens
  • On the Go
  • Bay Watch
  • Wet and Wild
  • You Ay Vay
  • Sea You Later
  • Forever Young
  • Splash Zone

Cool black boat names

  • Squirrel Patrol
  • Nose Job
  • Bill Collector
  • Cash Flow
  • Floating Tackle Box
  • Kayak Placebo
  • The Aquaholic
  • Got A-Pair?
  • Catch 221B
  • She Got the House
  • The Last Resort
  • Private Dancer
  • Jungle Queen
  • Stern Ting
  • Rock the Boat
  • A Salt Weapon
  • Aqualibrium
  • She Got the House, But I Got the Boat!
  • Gone Offshore

Cool Boat Names from Movies

There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to boat names. From the classics like “The Black Pearl” to the newest blockbuster hit “Dead Pool,” we’ve got movie-inspired boat names that are just waiting for you to claim them as your own!

  • Tortuga (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria (1492: Conquest of Paradise)
  • The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Morning Star (The Princess Bride)
  • The Flying Dutchman (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Mayflower (Plymouth Adventure)
  • Bounty – “Mutiny on the Bounty” (1935)
  • The Minnow – “Gilligan’s Island”
  • Nautilus – “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (1954)
  • Flying Crown – “The Maltese Falcon” (1941)
  • Batboat – “Batman Forever” (1995)
  • El Corazon (Mad Mad II)
  • Tomorrow Never Knows (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Cool Viking Boat Names

Vikings were some of the best seafarers in history. They explored, traded, and raided all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Vikings had a great sense of humor, so many Viking boat names are very funny. Here are some examples:

This is a list of cool Viking boat names for you to use on your next voyage!

  • Hooked on a Feeling
  • Serenity Now!
  • In Deep Water
  • Shark Byte!
  • Dirty Lightning
  • The Wave Runner
  • Ultimate Reflection
  • Island Time
  • Moonshine
  • Reel Easy
  • Wet Willy
  • Catch 22
  • Salty Dog II
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Net Profits II
  • Soak’n Wet
  • Sea Monkey
  • Slippery When Wet II
  • Dangerous Affair
  • Heave Ho

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