Top 70 Unique Boat Names You’ve Never Seen Before

Everyone loves a good boat name. They’re fun, they’re memorable, and they tend to have a lot of personalities. However, what if you’ve seen all of the ones you know? Would you like something new? Is there something truly unique you need?

In that case, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled 70 unique boat names we could find. We hope this list will help you find the perfect name for any boat you might be looking to name—whether it be a yacht, fishing boat, or dinghy.

Best Unique Boat Names

You may have seen some of the most bizarre and wacky boat names on the water.

But some unique and memorable vessel names deserve to be celebrated and shared.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Voodoo Child – Voodoo Child is the name of a boat built in California. It’s designed to be used for racing, and it’s the only boat with this name.
  • One Shot- One Shot is a name that refers to a single shot of whiskey.
  • Chasing Waves- Chasing Waves is the name of a ski boat from California. It may also be used as a reference to anyone who loves spending time on the water.
  • Rum Time – Rum Time is a name for any boat meant for drinking.
  • Wind Tamer – Wind Tamer is the name of a sailboat from California.
  • Don’t Stop – Don’t Stop is the name of a boat that was made for a race in which the boat was supposed to go as far as possible in 24 hours.
  • Check Six – Check Six is a name that refers to the rear of an airplane. Pilots also use it as a warning when another plane is behind them.
  • Feelin’ Nauti – Feelin’ Nauti is the name of a boat built for two people.
  • Going Commando – When a boat is named Going Commando, it will be out on the water, taking care of business.
  • The Catch Of The Day The name of a boat built for fishing. It goes out and catches fish, which makes it very useful.
  • Ready or Not – The name of a boat that was built to be always prepared. It’s also a popular song by the band “Pistol Annies.”
  • The Whip – The Whip is a typical sailing competition in which boats try to pull each other over.
  • High ‘n Dry – High ‘n Dry is a sailing competition whose goal is to get your boat as high into the air as possible.
  • Over Easy – Over Easy is a sailing competition in which you try to flip your opponent over. It’s also a popular breakfast dish.
  • Deep Blue Sea – The name “Deep Blue Sea” is derived from the ocean’s color, blue. The term “deep blue sea” was first used to describe the ocean because of its color.

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Unique Cool Boat Names

If you’re looking for a name that stands out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite unique cool boat names to get people talking.

  • Water You Waiting For? – This is the perfect name for a boat ready to take on any adventure.
  • Liquid Therapy – If your boat is like a therapy session, this name will fit perfectly.
  • Surfs Up – This name would be perfect for you if you have a surfboard on board.
  • Captain’s Table – This is the perfect name for a fishing boat because it feels like being in a restaurant and having your own private table.
  • Blue Marlin – This is the perfect name for any sport fishing boat because it reminds you of catching fish, just like the one in Finding Nemo!
  • Red Sails – This name comes from the color of the sails on many boats, which are red.
  • Jolly Roger – This name refers to the pirate flag that pirates flew.
  • Low Tide – This name refers to when it is low tide.
  • Sea Witch – This name refers to a woman who is a witch who lives in the sea.
  • Lucky Duck – This name refers to a duck that has survived stormy weather and still lives.
  • The Enforcer – A boat that is so powerful it can force other boats to obey the law.
  • Cat In Water – A boat that’s so smooth, it could be a cat’s cradle.
  • Nauti Dog – A dog that loves the water and is especially good at fishing.
  • Too Drunk To Fish – A boat that has too much fun at parties to get up early enough to go fishing.
  • Anchors Aweigh! A boat named after a song about how excellent anchors are.

Unique Funny Boat Names

Some of the most unique and funny boat names are named after people, places, and things.

Some examples:

  • Reel Madness – The original meaning of this name is that you’re going to be reeling in the fish left and right.
  • Fish and Chill – The origin of this name is that you can relax while watching your fish swim around in their tank.
  • Hooked on You – This name comes from the fact that when you love someone, you are connected to them for life.
  • Wandering Soul – This boat’s name comes from the wandering soul found in all of us as we search for our purpose in life.
  • Butts Ahoy – This name comes when you’re fishing on a boat, and someone calls out “Butts Ahoy!” to get your attention!
  • We Will Never Sink – This boat was named after the “We Will Never Die” flag flown by the crew on the ship, which was named for the same reason.
  • Bobbing for Apples – The owner of this boat used to love apple bobbing as a child.
  • One Percenter – The boat’s owner is a member of the infamous motorcycle gang one-percenters, so he named his boat accordingly.
  • Pork Chop Express – The owner of this boat lives in Georgia and loves pork chops!
  • Don’t Hassle the Hoff – This ship was named after David Hasselhoff because he loves to go fishing on his yacht!
  • Piece of Cake – This name comes from an idiom that means something is straightforward to do or achieve.
  • Just for Fun – This name describes how much fun it is to spend time on your yacht!
  • Caught in the Act – This name describes what happens when someone sees you having fun on your boat!

Unique Clever Boat Names

Unique Clever Boat Names are hard to come by, but we’re here to help. Whether you want something funny or serious, we have a boat name for you!

  • Hot Tub Boat – This name is inspired by the hot tub on the back of the boat.
  • Bilge Rats – The bilge pump inspires this name.
  • Lazy Daisy – This name is inspired by how the boat can sail without wind.
  • Loose Cannon – This name is inspired by how the boat moves in any direction without control.
  • Fly by Night – This name is inspired by how quickly you can escape your enemies or trouble while on this boat.
  • Gettin’ Lucky – stripes on the American flag, which is a sign of good luck
  • Anchors Away – the name given to boats that are anchored, and also a song by Bryan Adams
  • Dreams Come True – Dream On song by Aerosmith is a great name for any boat!
  • Dora the Explorer – named after Dora the Explorer because she loves exploring new places in her boat!
  • Sweet Caroline – This name is inspired by the Neil Diamond song, Sweet Caroline. It’s an excellent name for any boat!
  • Gullible – Inexperienced people inspire this name. It’s an excellent name for any boat!
  • Irene Adler – A character in the Sherlock Holmes books.
  • Cetacean Dreams – This name was chosen for its unique sound, reflecting these boats’ uniqueness.
  • Liquid Asset – This name was chosen because it reflects the value of these boats in terms of their worth.
  • Retired and Loving It! – This name was chosen because it reflects how happy people are when they own one of these boats.
  • Hot Tub Boat – This name was chosen because it refers to one of its major features—a hot tub!
  • Bilge Rats – This name was chosen because it refers to one of its major features—a bilge pump!

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