There’s nothing like being out on the water with a lobster boat. And if you’re going out on the water, you might as well have a great name for your boat!

But what should that name be? How do you make sure it’s an awesome one? And how do you make sure it doesn’t sound like something from a rap song?

Well, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite lobster boat names for you to check out—and maybe even get inspired by!

Best Lobster Boat Names

We know you’re trying to come up with a name for your lobster boat, and we’re here to help. We’ve got a list of the best lobster boat names for you!

  • Lobstered Out!: is a perfect name for a lobster boat that has been out and about, looking for the perfect catch.
  • Lobstin’ Hostin: is a great name for a lobster boat that hosts events, whether it be for family or friends.
  • Captain’s Catch: this is a great name for a lobster boat that catches lobsters at sea.
  • Lobstah Rollin: is a great name for a fast-moving lobster boat that gets around quickly. LI’l Red Lobster is a great name for a small, red lobster boat that’s easy to spot in the water.
  • The Lucky Outcome: Hope for a good outcome.
  • What a Catch! : A catch is a big catch, so this name suggests that the boat will have big catches.
  • What A Lucky Day: This name suggests that the day will be lucky for the boat’s owner.
  • The Bait Box: A bait box is where you keep your bait and other fishing supplies, so this name suggests that the boat is full of fishing supplies and ready to go.
  • Withstanding the Storms: This name suggests that the boat can withstand any stormy conditions it encounters on its journey.
  • The Rising Tide: This boat is named after the rising sea tide.
  • The Outfitter: This boat is named after a person who has the ability to outfit people with clothing, and thus clothing can be called “outfitters.”
  • Take the Bait: This boat is named after a bait that attracts fish, so it’s a good idea for this boat to take the bait.
  • The Indulger: This boat is named after an indulger because they often indulge themselves by eating snacks or other treats they shouldn’t eat.
  • Buoy Oh Boy: This boat is named after a buoy because you can use it as your guide when you’re at sea,

Funny Lobster Boat Names

  • Mary Lou: is named after the boat’s original owner, Mary Lou.
  • The Lobster Trap: is named after the boat’s original owner, who built it to be used in lobster trapping.
  • Lobstah Claws: is named after its incredible claws that can hold up to 30 lobsters at a time.
  • Sea Legs: it is named because it has a lot of sea legs.
  • 2 Hot 2: Handle is named after how hot it can get on board and how hard it is to handle.
  • Out to Sea: is named for going out to sea and being out of control.
  • Oh Buoy: is a classic lobster boat name. It’s a small but sturdy boat that won’t disappoint you!
  • Sea of Love: is another great name that speaks to the romantic side of a lobsterman’s life.
  • Bayside Babe: refers to a woman who loves the sea and being at home with her family.
  • Cape Cod Craze: refers to the craze that happens when there are many lobsters in one place.
  • Captain’s Catch: is a great name for a boat that has caught its fair share of lobsters over the years!
  • I Got Lucky: A boat name that implies the captain of this vessel is a little lucky but not too lucky.
  • Rock Lobster: A boat name that implies the captain of this vessel has a pretty cool pet rock lobster.
  • One That Got Away: A boat name that implies the captain of this vessel has been known to let a fish or two get away from him when he was fishing.
  • Mighty Mouse: A boat name that implies the captain of this vessel is very small but mighty in his own right.
  • Flyin’ Hawaiian: A boat name that implies the captain of this vessel is from Hawaii and flies everywhere he goes on his boat.
  • Seas My Biscuit: A boat name that implies an appreciation for good biscuits.
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Cool Lobster Boat Names

If you’re looking to buy a new lobster boat, you want to make sure it has a name that will make your friends jealous.

Here are some of our favorite lobster boat names:

  • Maine Bride: the lobster boat equivalent of a wedding dress, this boat is a classic that never goes out of style.
  • Catch of the Day: the catch of the day makes this boat great!
  • Beach Bum: this boat loves the beach, and so do you.
  • Wake-Up Call: you can’t sleep all day in this boat; it’s time to wake up and get moving!
  • Lucky Charms: this name is super cute for a red-and-white striped boat (but please don’t eat it).
  • Sun Chaser: this name sounds like it was after an old-school video game.
  • Big Daddy: is a name that pays homage to the boat’s owner, who has a big personality.
  • Snow Awake: this is a play on words for “snow white,” as the boat is white and sleek.
  • Seventh Heaven: refers to the owner’s happiness when he’s on his boat.
  • Elbow Grease: is a good name for a lobster boat that’s been through many years of work.
  • One Sweet Ride: is an expression used by those who love cars—and boats!
  • Terminator: If you run into the Terminator, you better hope he’s not hungry.
  • OMG (Oh My Gosh): The name says it all—you’ll be saying OMG repeatedly when you see this boat in action.
  • Under the Sea: This is your chance to live underwater for only one day.
  • Catch of the Day: Whether on land or underwater, this boat will always bring home the bacon (or lobster).
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Lobster Fishing Boat Names

Lobster fishing boat names are as unique as the people who drive them. They’re often named after family members, loved ones, or pets.

  • Night Fever: This cute play on words will make people smile when they see your boat.
  • The Big One: gives off an adventurous vibe that will attract attention.
  • Running Wild: “Salmon Slayer,” and “Lucky Strike” are all names that say what they do—they’re exciting, aggressive, and focused on results.
  • Salmon Slayer: This boat slays salmon as if they were nothing more than mere insects!
  • Lucky Strike: The boat strikes lucky (with a fishing rod).
  • Desperado: A man who has no fear and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.
  • Reel Lucky Too: A person who is lucky but not as lucky as they think.
  • El Viejo Grande: A name for a large boat that catches lots of fish.
  • The Little Bear: A name for a small boat that catches lots of fish.
  • Sea Dancer II: A dance that goes with music from the sea.
  • Ragin’ Cajun: A person who likes to party on a boat and make things fun!
  • Ladybug: This boat is named after the ladybug because it’s small and has bright colors.
  • Deep Six: This boat is named after the deep six because it’s a deep-sea fishing boat.
  • Champagne: This boat is named after champagne because it’s a luxury yacht.
  • Dirty Hoe: This boat is named after dirty hoes because…well, you can figure that one out for yourself!
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More Lobster Boat Name Ideas

  • Miss Annie
  • Sea Ya Later
  • Backlash
  • Bad Dog, No Biscuit
  • Big Daddy
  • Bombproof
  • Booze Cruise
  • Breakaway
  • Bud Man
  • Catch Em All
  • Catch Of The Day
  • Dirty Tackle, Fish & Lobsters!
  • Easy Living!
  • Dory-Nah’s Revenge
  • Queen Conch
  • Fantastic!
  • Chum Chum Chumming Time!
  • Scales and Tails
  • Lured in by Your Bait!
  • Puffin
  • Eclipse
  • Big Dipper
  • We The People
  • Jolly Green Giant
  • Roughneck
  • Captain Awesome
  • Nightmare
  • Crabby Patty
  • The Claw
  • Seas the Day

How to Name Your Lobster Boat

A few factors must be considered while choosing a name for your lobster boat.

To begin, you should make the name original and memorable. When people start talking about your boat, they’ll remember who owns it!

Second, make sure that the name matches the overall picture of your company. To build a humorous and quirky brand, names like “Lobster Queen” or “Moby Dick” may work. If you want something more serious and professional, “The Red Lobster” would be a better fit.

Finally, remember that after you’ve settled on a name for your boat, it might become an indelible part of your brand identity! So make an informed decision.

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