Top 90+ Southern Boat Names That Are Good, Cool, Ideas

Do you have a southern boat? Everyone has a special love for Southern boats. If so, you know that naming it can be a challenge. You want something that reflects your boat’s heritage and personality, but it also has to be unique. We understand the struggle, But don’t worry—we’re here to help.

In this blog post, we’ll be providing 90 of our best Southern boat names that are sure to inspire you when it comes time to name your new vessel.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Top 5 Southern Boat Names

If you like the idea of a boat name with a Southern flair, consider these five options:

  • Southern Belle – As the name suggests, this is a classic choice. It’s also quite versatile and can be used for boats of all types.
  • Blue Belle – This variation on “Southern Belle” has an even more feminine feel to it while still being something that would be suitable for any type of boat.
  • Mighty Belle – This option has a bit more of an assertive vibe to it, making it ideal for captains who want their boat names to convey power or strength.
  • Lady B – This is similar in sound and meaning to “Southern Lady”, but with a slightly different spelling that makes it stand out from other choices.
  • Lady Bird – If you’re looking for something with a little more flair than some of these other options, this one might be right up your alley.

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Cool southern boat names

Southern culture is a unique and diverse melting pot of traditions, and it’s no surprise that you’ll find some pretty interesting names for boats in the South. Here are some of our favorites:

  • River Queen – River Queen is a name that’s been around for over 100 years, and it’s still going strong!
  • The Big Easy – The Big Easy is one of the most popular Southern boat names, as it’s also a city in Louisiana.
  • The Alabaster – The Alabaster is a boat name that evokes the feeling of the southern United States.
  • The Sea Shanty – The Sea Shanty is a popular name for boats.
  • The Wanderer – This boat’s name is perfect for anyone who loves the open road and exploring new places.
  • The Rip Tide- We love the name “Rip Tide” for a boat. It’s a play on words, but it also has a cool southern vibe to it.
  • The Keeper of the Keys – The Keeper of the Keys is a fun name for your boat.
  • The Red Herring – The Red Herring is a classic southern boat name.
  • The Outlaw’s Daughter – This is a great name for a boat. If you are looking for a unique and Southern boat name, this is one that you should consider.
  • The Good Ship Lollipop – The Good Ship Lollipop is a great name for a boat, especially if you’re into candy. It’s also a good choice if you want to make sure that your boat won’t get stolen.
  • The Dream Catcher – The Dream Catcher is a boat name that is sweet, but also has a little edge.

More Cool Southern Boat Names

  • The Good Life
  • Southern Belle
  • Sultry Siren
  • The Lady Bug
  • The Good Ole Boy
  • The Bayou Princess
  • Alligator Annie
  • The Dixie Belle
  • The Bluegrass Belle

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Good Southern Boat Names

Southern boaters have quite a few options when it comes to naming their vessels. Here are a few popular Southern boat names:

  • Mississippi Queen II – If you have a Mississippi Queen I, then this is your only option
  • The Rebel Yell – If you don’t want to be reminded of your past mistakes
  • Southern Comfort – A boat name inspired by the whiskey
  • The Lazy Riverboat Song – This one’s a great pun!
  • Cajun Pride – The hyphenated version of this one is really cute!
  • Southern Drawl – This one is good for a boat that has an accent
  • Paddle Away with Me – Perfect for a kayak
  • Redfish – A great pun!
  • The Great Gatsby – This one is good for a yacht or speedboat.
  • My Way – This is a great boat name for someone who wants to make their own path.
  • Gator Bait – This one’s good for a boat that has a lot of alligators on it or one with gator-skin seats (in the case of an airboat).
  • The Big Easy – This one’s perfect for anyone from New Orleans or Louisiana!

More Good Southern Boat Names

  • Shrimper
  • Fish Fry
  • Fish & Prey
  • Crab Pot
  • The Gambler
  • The Cajun Queen
  • The Magnolia Blossom

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Funny Southern Boat Names

If you’re a boat owner in the South, then you know that there are tons of great names for boats that aren’t just boring old “boat name” or “watercraft.”

Here are ten of our favorite funny Southern boat names

  • The Minnow Bucket – This one’s perfect for fishing boats!
  • The Swashbuckler – You’ll be sure to make waves when it comes to your boat name with this one!
  • The Gobbler – This one’s perfect for turkey hunting season!
  • The Catfish King – Catfish are so popular down here! This name is a must-have if you want to stand out from the crowd on your next fishing trip.
  • The Flounder Fluffer – We love this one because it sounds like something our grandma would say while she was cooking up some delicious flounder fillets!
  • The Shrimper Shucker – What’s not to love about shrimp and pickles? This is the perfect name for your shrimp boat if you’re looking for something fun and lighthearted!
  • Watermelon – A fruit with large seeds that can be eaten raw or used to make juice, jam, and even cocktails!
  • Shrimp Boat – A type of boat used to catch shrimp in the ocean
  • Sweet Tea A southern drink made with tea, sugar, and ice
  • Oyster – A mollusk that is often eaten raw or cooked as an hors d’oeuvre
  • Gumbo – A mixture of vegetables and meat served over rice
  • Swamp Water – Water from the swampy areas of Louisiana and Florida that contains many different types of wildlife in it
  • Wildlife – Animals in general or specific ones that live in swamps or bayous
  • Bayou – A body of water surrounded by land on three sides (usually a slow-moving river or stream)
  • Ribeye – Meat from the rib section of beef cattle

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Southern cross boat name

  • Alcohol abuse – This is a list of names for people who like to drink a lot.
  • The South will rise again – This is a list of names for people who think that the south should be independent of the north.
  • Confederate – This is a list of names for people who are from the south.
  • Never in doubt – This is a list of names for people who never have doubts about anything.
  • Dixie Chicky – This is a name for someone who likes to listen to country music and drink whiskey.
  • Gone with the wind – This is a name for someone who thinks that everything will all be okay, even when it seems like it won’t be.
  • A southern belle – This is a name for someone who likes to wear dresses and has long hair.”
  • Swamp Thing – Use This One if You Don’t Want to Be Subtle About It
  • Swamp Witch – Another Good One for Being Obvious
  • Bayou Baby – Also a Good One for Being Obvious, but Also Sweet
  • Swamp Donkey – This One Was Just Too Funny Not to Include
  • Mississippi Queen
  • Mississippi King
  • Swamp Rat
  • Swamp Bunny
  • The Bootlegger
  • The Swamp Dog

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