The Best 70+ Party Boat Names You’ve Ever Seen


The best party boats are the ones that feel like they’re all yours.

Whether you’re celebrating something special or just looking for a good time, your boat should be named after the most epic party.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 70+ party boat names you’ve ever seen because we’ve seen them all. And we’re here to help you find your perfect name!

So bust out your best dance moves and get ready to hit the water with one of these awesome boat names:

Best Party Boat Names

The best party boat names can be used to describe a fun night out on the water, but they also need to be memorable.

  • Wakey Wakey! : is a party boat that brings the fun right to your doorstep.
  • Party on Me!: this is a party boat that’s all about celebrating you.
  • The Party Yacht: The Party Yacht will ensure your party never ends.
  • Party Ships Ahoy!: is a party boat that knows how to throw a good time.
  • Barnacle’s Bait: Barnacle’s Bait is here for your amusement, so come aboard and enjoy yourself!
  • Nauti Thoughts: A boater’s favorite thought.
  • The Ebb Tide: When the tide goes out, you’re stuck on the beach with only a few cans of Budweiser to keep you company.
  • Liberty Belle: The name of our new sailing ship, designed by John F. Kennedy Jr., so you know it’s classy AF.
  • Southern Comfort: Want to be invited back to our party?
  • Yacht Rock: The perfect soundtrack for a relaxing day on the water (and maybe a little bit of drinking).
  • Party Like a Pirate: We love pirates, and everyone knows they’re great at parties!
  • Liquid Courage: The party boat that will get you through your night of fun and frivolity.
  • Take a Breather: The party boat that will give you the time to catch your breath when the party gets too wild.
  • Midnight Mischief: The party boat that will ensure you have fun at midnight when everyone is still awake.
  • Hello Sunshine!: The party boat that will make sure you get a good start to your day with lots of sunshine.
  • Old Salty Dawg: The party boat that will give you the best time possible on the water.
  • The Party Pooper: The party boat that will make sure everyone has a good time!
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Cool Boat Party Names

Are you planning a boat party? If so, you’re going to want some cool boat names. There are lots of options, but here are some ideas:

  • Sea Monkey Business: A party boat named after a sea monkey? Who knew?
  • Little Boat Big Party: This name is just a warning. Little boats are not for the faint of heart.
  • Queen of Knots: This name is so good it makes you want to try and tie knots with your mouth. It’s like a party in your mouth!
  • Party on Wayne, Party on Garth: It’s not clear which of these two parties you’re supposed to attend, but we’re sure they’re both great!
  • Red Lobster: This one’s obvious—a red lobster is always a good time.
  • Orca and a Bottle of Rum: This name is so fun; it makes me want to drink rum!
  • Sailington & Sons: A classic name that brings back memories of childhood summers.
  • You’ll Float Too: It’s so punny, I can’t help but love it.
  • All Hands on Deck: This name is perfect for those who love nautical activities. Ready, Set, Sail!
  • Let’s Get Kraken!: (a mythical sea monster)
  • The Party Barge: is a great name for a boat that will take you to an awesome party.
  • Breakin`Wave: is a great name for a boat that might get you in trouble with the law.
  • Call Me MayBe!?: this is a great name for a boat you need to get to your destination ASAP.
  • Captain Happy: is a great name for a boat everyone loves to be on because he always makes sure everyone has fun and is safe.
  • The Hangover: is a great name for a boat that wants everyone to have fun without worrying about tomorrow morning’s hangover—or worse!
  • Castaway Vibes: Castaway vibes are like being stranded on a desert island,

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Funny Party Boat Names

image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

When it comes to funny party boat names, there are some that are just so good you can’t help but laugh. We’ve put together a list of the best ones we could find.

  • Sailing-ish Behavior: This boat is the best kind of party.
  • Puttin’ on the Ritz: You’ll need a tuxedo and a top hat.
  • Red, White & Brews: A boat full of beer and friends? That’s a party!
  • Aqua-holic: Swimsuits are mandatory for this one.
  • Aries: If you’re looking for an astrological experience, this is it!
  • Awesome Blossom: This boat is the best!
  • Chasin’ a Dream: If you’re looking for a dreamboat, this one’s for you.
  • Chief Smiley Face!: This boat is the happiest place on earth!
  • The Shitty Draft Pony: This boat is nice and clean but not great.
  • Center Of Attention: Everyone’s watching you when you’re on this boat.
  • Second Chance: a boat that will give you a chance to do everything you wanted but never did.
  • No Wake Zone: a place where there is no wake, and you can relax with your friends.
  • Piece of Work: a boat that is a piece of art, unique and special.
  • The Bare Necessities: something that you need to survive, like food or water.

Clever Boat Party Names

You’re throwing a boat party and need a clever boat party name. Here are some ideas for you!

  • Gaucho Boat: A name that makes you want to go on a boat and party.
  • Party Rock: The name of a boat that will rock your socks off with its awesome music.
  • Margaritaville: The name of a boat that has margaritas on it!
  • American Pie: The name of a boat with apple pies!
  • Bella Vita: A beautiful life is what this boat will give you when you go on it.
  • Endless Summer: named after the Beach Boys song, this boat will surely be a hit with anyone who loves the beach.
  • The Loco Manatee: Drinks are cheap, but you might get seasick!
  • The Angry Wave: the waves will make you angry!
  • The Crabby Old Sailor: watch out for pirates on this boat!
  • The Rum Runner: if you get caught drinking alcohol on this ship, you’re in big trouble!
  • The Cocktail Cruiser: This is the party boat name to take if you want to get your drink on.
  • The Seaduced: This is the party boat name to take if you want to be seduced by the sea.
  • The Sea Breeze: This is the party boat name to take if you want to feel breezy.

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Creative Boat Party Name

  • The Dancing Reefs: These boats’ names are the best place to dance your heart out.
  • The Liquor Cabinet: This boat’s name has the best selection of drinks, and it’s not afraid to show it.
  • Party Dancer: This boat name is just a dancefloor away from the best party you’ve ever been to.
  • Ace of the Seas: This boat name will take you wherever you want to go, whether that’s a good time or just someplace far away from your ordinary life.
  • The Scurvy Crew: This boat name is for people who love pirates and don’t care about anything else (except maybe rum).
  • Sinking Feeling: You know you’re in trouble when you feel like you’re going under.
  • One More Drink: Everyone’s had that moment where they think, “I’ll just have one more!”
  • High Roller II: This boat has a reputation for making its passengers feel like they own the world.
  • First Love: You never forget your first love, and this boat is no different.
  • Puddle Jumpers: It’s not called the Puddle Jumper for nothing—this boat will take you places!
  • NightLights: this is the perfect name for a party boat that runs at night.
  • The Mermaid: is a party boat that sails on the water and is powered by diesel engines.
  • Wet ‘N Wild: is a party boat that offers wet and wild rides for its passengers.
  • The Kraken: is a party boat with two decks, so it’s perfect for parties of all kinds!
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Pontoon Party Boat Names

We love the name “Party Boat” for your pontoon boat, but if you’re looking for something more original, here are some great options.

  • Amazing Grace: This boat is the perfect way to celebrate the end of your summer.
  • Float On: A great name for a boat that will ease you from point A to point B.
  • Puttin’ on the Ritz: A boat you’ll enjoy dancing on, and why not? You’re on vacation!
  • Beach Bum: A name that says it all—you’ve got a great tan and are ready to relax.
  • Happy Ours: If you’re happy, we’re happy.
  • Sea Ya Later: See ya later!
  • Seas The Day: It’s a great day for a boat ride!
  • The Ducky: Ducks are cute and fun to play with on boats.
  • Summer Love: Summer is a magical time of year best shared with someone special.
  • Water Adventure: There are so many adventures waiting for you in the water.
  • Anchored for Life: Anchored for Life is a great name for your boat if you want to go on a cruise but don’t want to worry about the boat being damaged.
  • Captain Crunchy: No one knows who the captain is, but you can bet he loves to snack.
  • Water Biscuit; Water Biscuit is a fun name that makes it seem like you’re going on vacation, but really, you’re just going fishing.
  • Party Time: This party never stops!

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